Membership & Responsibilities

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Scholarship Policies & Academics

We recognize that education is the primary purpose of the collegiate experience and provide resources to assist all members in reaching their academic goals. Each chapter has an active scholarship program to help develop each member’s academic potential and help them plan for a successful future.

Collegiate chapters set minimum scholastic standards to remain in good standing for Initiation and for officer and big sister eligibility. As outlined in Sigma Kappa National Policy Handbook, all collegiate chapter members must maintain the cumulative grade point average established by the chapter’s Code of Conduct, as well as any additional academic requirements in the Code of Conduct.

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Housing Expectation

Many of our collegiate members have the opportunity to live with other members in a chapter house, suite or dorm floor if they are in good standing. All chapter living spaces are required to be in compliance with state and national laws, college/university regulations and Sigma Kappa’s National Policy Handbook. Collegiate members and new members should live in Sigma Kappa housing if space is available. Exceptions are granted at the chapter level.

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Additional Policies

Membership Eligibility

Sigma Kappa values individuality and diversity in our membership. In furtherance of our purpose and in our membership selection practices, we recognize the importance of each individual member within an atmosphere of care and respect. Any individual who consistently lives and identifies as a woman is eligible for potential membership in Sigma Kappa. Changes in gender identity after initiation do not impact membership status.

Financial Expectation

Sigma Kappa Sorority is a not-for-profit corporation and relies on the national fees from its members to finance annual operating expenses and chapter services. Collegiate members support us through national fees, and alumnae members through the alumnae national dues. Members in arrears to the chapter or the corporation board, are automatically suspended. Failure to fulfill financial obligations by the date agreed upon in the suspension shall result in financial expulsion.

Risk Management

Sigma Kappa has policies designed to reduce the potential for harm to our members and to address situations where concerns have occurred. These policies include detailed information about risk incidents, hazing, social events, transportation and practices for self-governance.  While our members have many social opportunities during their collegiate experience, some which could be considered risky, Sigma Kappa expects all members to follow Sigma Kappa policy, college/university policy, and all local, state and federal laws. Our members and guests should make informed, reasonable and responsible choices regarding their personal safety.

Hazing Stance

Sigma Kappa Sorority considers hazing to be a destructive and degrading activity which is inconsistent with our ideals and standards. The dignity of every individual is recognized and all forms of hazing are opposed. New members are educated on Sigma Kappa's stance against hazing and members are reminded of the Sigma Kappa hazing policy during the risk management policy review. As a general rule, a member or new member who hazes shall be suspended or expelled from the organization following the appropriate procedures.

Financial Responsibilities

In addition to national and housing fees, members are assessed chapter dues in order to establish the local chapter budget. Each chapter sets these fees based on their individual needs. Members may be charged fees in addition to chapter dues for expenses identified by the chapter such as recruitment, social activities, scholarship and new member programs, intramural and other campus activities, Panhellenic dues and other miscellaneous expenditures. These dues are paid through a chapter account.

Sigma Kappa relies on the national fees to finance annual operating expenses. Each collegiate member is responsible for the following:

  • New member fee (non-refundable one-time fee due in the first term)
  • Badge fee (one-time fee in first term – prior to initiation.)
  • Initiation fee (one-time fee – due prior to initiation.)
  • Housing and Furnishing fee (one-time fee in the first year)
  • Collegiate national dues (annual fee)
  • Liability insurance/risk management assessment fee (annual fee)
  • Technology fee (annual fee)

Members will pay a one-time Housing & Furnishing Fee during your first year of membership. This fee contributes to the upkeep, décor and maintenance of the housing structure (house, lodge, room, or suite). If your a campus does not have a Sigma Kappa house, this fee is paid to the National Housing Corporation for future housing ventures.