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Strategic Initiativeslooking toward the future

Sigma Kappa Sorority is pleased to present its 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, focused on embracing belonging as an organizational identity, deepening the Sigma Kappa member experience, and advancing operational solutions. Our Strategic Plan is a commitment to the importance and vitality of the sorority experience, now and forever. 
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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access

The boards and staff of the Sorority, Foundation and NHC remain committed to examining ourselves, our policies and practices to determine whether we are contributing, actively or passively, to social inequity. Sigma Kappa is devoted to providing a welcoming and meaningful experience for all members. While we have made organizational progress, we know there is still much work to be done. Sigma Kappa’s success is dependent on the support, feedback and actions of our members.  

Inclusivity Statement

  • In keeping with our core values of friendship, loyalty, personal growth and service, we charge our members and friends to live by these actions in pursuit of a more inclusive Sigma Kappa for all.
    • With the past in mind and a focus on the future, we embrace and support the identities of all members and friends.
    • We foster an environment where each Sigma Kappa can live with heart and be true to the identities they hold.
    • We work collaboratively to restore and keep trust while continuing to educate ourselves.
    • We center diversity, equity, inclusion and access in our decisions and plans.
  • Sigma Kappa recognizes that throughout our Sorority's history we have been consciously and unconsciously unwelcoming and unavailable to people of historically marginalized and oppressed identities.

Sigma Kappa will do what is necessary to assure our Members of Color and other underrepresented members feel welcomed, included and empowered in our organization. While words matter, our actions matter more. To demonstrate our commitment to action, national council, the Foundation board of trustees, the National Housing Corporation board of directors and the staff of all three entities have been working collaboratively to weave DEIA into all that we do as we make diversity, equity, inclusion and access (DEIA) a priority throughout the organization.  

We want our members to be proud of their association with Sigma Kappa and all that it stands for. We are confident that we can improve aspects of our organization that might prevent us from being fully equitable, inclusive and accessible. This work enriches the membership experience for everyone and ensures that Sigma Kappa continues to thrive for generations to come. 

The DEIA committee is responsible for researching and making recommendations on key DEIA focus areas identified by boards and staff to ensure that the organization is aware of emerging trends. The committee will also provide feedback and advice to Sigma Kappa volunteers and staff on specific DEIA issues or projects as requested.

Marlon Gibson, Ph.D., has served as a DEIA consultant to Sigma Kappa since August 2021. Marlon is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated and a seasoned higher education professional. He currently serves as the director of community engagement for Kappa Alpha Order. where he develops and facilitates the curriculum for educational initiatives related to fraternal values alignment, diversity, and inclusion.

If you are interested in having Marlon facilitate a workshop for your chapter, please email for additional information.

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