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Pay National Alumnae Dues

Support the work of the organization by contributing your $35 national alumnae dues. Your dues fund programming and leadership development for collegians and alumnae, promote growth and support of chapters, and provide vital resources needed to sustain and strengthen our sorority. National dues are a direct investment into our future.

Pay Dues

Dues FAQs

In 1983, national council merged the payment of lifetime membership into Initiation fees to simplify the payment process for our members. Before and since that time, alumnae have had the opportunity to pay national alumnae dues through their local alumnae chapter. The national organization now offers the option to pay national alumnae dues directly to the national organization. These dues support the ongoing work of volunteers and staff focused on alumnae membership on a national level.

All national officers and appointed roles are required to pay national dues. Local advisory and corporation board members are encouraged to pay dues as well.

Yes and no. When you pay your dues locally, you may be paying local and national dues. Alumnae chapters are responsible for sending the $35 national dues portion to national headquarters, while the remaining amount is the local dues portion.If your national dues payment to your local chapter is not reflected in your profile, contact your chapter president or VPF to ensure your national dues were submitted.

Alumnae chapters typically have local dues that can be used for events and basic operations. Each local chapter can set their local dues and budget accordingly to the activities they provide. If you pay more than $35, that remaining amount is the local dues you are paying into your local alumnae chapter.

Alumnae chapter leadership is responsible for sending in the national dues portion to NHQ. If you’re getting a reminder, the leadership may not have done that yet. Reach out to your vice president for finance to ensure your national payment is sent accordingly. This will ensure you are nationally recognized as a dues paying member with the organization.

The $35 is split between operational expenses and events for alumnae, such as national convention and Connect Events.

Per IRS classification, the Sigma Kappa Sorority is a 501(c)7 member organization; the Sigma Kappa Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Only donations made to a 501(c)3 are tax deductible.

Yes! After logging in and adding your payment information, you will see a link where you can set up recurring payment.

This is normal. Member records update daily, so you should see this change to your profile by the next day.