Impact Statement

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Impact Statementour year in review

Impact Statement 2021-22


Because of your dedication and support last year, Sigma Kappa stayed strong during an unprecedented time. It was a challenging year for all, and the Sigma Kappa Foundation was not immune. We aimed to do as much as possible while facing uncertainty and are proud of our accomplishments.     We are thrilled students are returning to campuses this fall to experience as much of what we remember and love about being together as possible. At the core of the Sigma Kappa experience is the spirit of sisterhood and rooted in values with the promise that together we can achieve more than we could alone.   Thank you for helping sisters reach their potential, lead with their strengths and overcome financial challenges. Your generosity has also helped the Foundation sustain its mission and continue building for the future. Enjoy reading about what you made possible.   Gratefully,   Dawn Copple O’Connor, Tau, Indiana University  Foundation President


2021 - 2022 Giving

Cash Pledges $1,465,264

Assets 2022 2021
Cash $536,966 $302,462
Due from Sorority $3,208 $0
Inventory $25,502 $22,204
Prepaid expenses & other assets $29,481 $16,466
Contributions receivable, net $120,905 $202,877
Investments $9,103,316 $9,442,063
Property & equipment, net $19,983 $29,745
TOTAL ASSETS $9,839,361 $10,015,817


Liabilities 2022  2021
Accounts payable & accrued expenses $65,419 $50,652
Grants payable $389,739 $701,769
Scholarships payable $136,620 $122,100
Due to Sorority $209,048* $5,376
Due to NHC $11,440 $373
Refundable advance $0 $87,770
TOTAL LIABILITIES $812,266 $968,040


Revenue 2022  2021
Contributions $1,389,234 $851,812
PPP grant income $87,770** $89,995**
Gain (loss) on valuation of contributions receivable  $1,630 ($659)
Investment return, net ($142,222) $1,847,793
TOTAL REVENUE $1,336,412 $2,788,941


Expenses 2022  2021
Program services



Fundraising $296,261 $255,783
General and administrative $388,119 $411,630
TOTAL EXPENSES $1,357,094 $1,099,673

*Grant funds totaling $195,000.55 in transit.
**We applied for and received two loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to maintain our services at the highest possible level. Both were forgiven and are reflected as grant income.

Foundation Assets


The pursuit of an education is fundamental to our members. Because of your investments, Sigma Kappa Foundation is uniquely positioned as a resource for members who represent the best of the best and need assistance as they face the rising cost of education. Academic scholarships, for undergraduate and graduate students, allow our sisters to focus more of their time and energy on academics and personal growth during school.

92 recipients & $136,620 awarded

Scholarship Recipients Breakdown

Julia Buschbacher

“From an early age, I knew I had a passion for geriatrics. My zeal has been cultivated through my relationship with my grandmother, who I have watched go through the highs and lows of aging. My love for the aging community continued to expand during my collegiate years through volunteerism opportunities. Sigma Kappa has opened many doors for me and I am forever grateful for your generous contribution to my education! Thank you for supporting my journey as a gerontologist! I hope I am making Sigma Kappa proud!”

- Julia Buschbacher, Alpha Delta, University of Tennessee
Current first-year student in Miami University’s Master of Gerontological Studies program

Individual Chapter Grants

The Foundation supports sisters through the good times and the bad. One significant area of focus is sisters in need. Today our members face a growing number of unexpected challenges, in addition to personal tragedies and illnesses.

$43,100 Total in Emergency Grants

Jennifer Martin

“This Alumnae Heart Fund grant is a true life saver. Following multiple recurrences of breast cancer and accompanying treatments, I had very few quality teeth left. I can’t even begin to tell you what a gift of hope and love it is to have new dentures. Thank you."

-Jennifer M. Martin, Beta Psi, San Diego State University

Laura Miller

“This Collegiate Emergency Grant has meant the world to me. Knowing that people I’ve never met have been willing to help in my time of greatest need makes me eternally grateful and so happy I joined Sigma Kappa. My mental and physical health will improve because of receiving this grant, as I can finally pay bills that have caused me extreme stress and anxiety, which hugely affects my illness. For this I am so, so, so, thankful.”

-Laura Miller, Zeta, George Washington University

Gabrielle DeBaene Birdrow

“Sigma Kappa has provided me with sisterhood for life; I didn’t realize the Sister to Sister Disaster Recovery Fund grant was available until a sister recommended it. Having Hurricane Ida destroy our home was horrific, but having my sisterhood stand with me to rebuild is priceless. Thank you, Sigma Kappa!"

-Gabrielle DeBaene Birdrow, Zeta Omega, Louisiana State University

Chapter Educational Area Grants

The Educational Area Grant Program is a special initiative whereby the Sigma Kappa Foundation and local house corporations work together to establish funds for housing grants for purely educational spaces, as long as the specific request complies with Internal Revenue Service requirements. The charitable purpose of the Educational Area Grant Program is to improve the educational facilities available at eligible chapters and, at the same time, relieve the local college or university of some of the burden of providing study and library facilities.

$93,111 received by Gamma Phi Chapter, North Carolina State University

Gamma Phi House

The Gamma Phi Chapter grant helped fund the educational space in their new chapter house.
Photo Credit: Flyboy Photo & Media

Leadership Grants

We are pleased to offer grants to attend AFLV (Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values) leadership conferences - AFLV Central and AFLV West. Each year, more than 3,000 participants from more than 200 campuses come together for a transformational experience.

Olivia Doody, Gamma Mu, Eastern Illinois University was a grant recipient and attended AFLV Central in February 2022.

Sorority Grants

Enhancing the member experience through grants to support the educational, leadership and personal development, and philanthropic initiatives of Sigma Kappa is a priority for the Foundation.

$250,000 total amount of grants award to the Sorority for the fiscal year.

$25,000 careerhouse

For the second year in a row, Sigma Kappa offered the six-week career development program Careerhouse, to provide personal development and career guidance to juniors, seniors, and alumnae members. Members were able to access the sessions either live or recorded. Eighty percent of participants were between the ages of 23-39. This program was fully funded by the Foundation and was entirely free to members.

Cara Garfield

“Thank you for the Careerhouse program! It helped me so much on my career journey, and I successfully landed a new job! I just got a promotion and wanted to pay it forward to Sigma Kappa!”

-Cara Garfield, Zeta, The George Washington University Foundation Donor

$36,985 Emerging Leaders Conference

Sigma Kappa shifted the regional conference model from officer education to emerging leader education. Nearly 600 members attended the inaugural Emerging Leaders Conferences (ELCs) in early 2022. The ELC experience focused on leadership and personal skill development in an institute model designed exclusively for collegiate members who have never held a leadership position, or who are in their first elected position within the chapter. Through a mix of general sessions and small cohort groups (teams with shared interests and goals who progress through an educational experience together) led by trained facilitators, attendees learned more about leadership skills and how they can be used, both in their chapters and in everyday situations.

“My favorite memory was talking to a Sigma Kappa from a different chapter who lifted me up in my time of doubt! I know now that I did not get a leadership role for a reason and I can pursue it in the future with the information the ELC provided me!”

$9,451 Virtual Volunteer Summit

A two-part solution to volunteer training was offered in the summer of 2021; a Virtual Volunteer Summit available to any volunteer and a four-week release of eight new eLearning content modules meant to expand on topics introduced during the virtual summit. Topics included in the virtual summit and the eLearning series included Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA), governance, CliftonStrengths, building relationships and working together as teams, establishing mentoring relationships as volunteers, and mental health.

“The content was applicable to my volunteer role and helped develop my knowledge to make me a better volunteer and person.” - Volunteer Summit Participant

$108,565 Leadership Consultant Program

The LC program embodies the organization’s core value of personal growth for all participants. The program consistently provides the staff member the opportunities to grow professionally and personally while simultaneously motivating and inspiring others. Note: Recently leadership consultants have been renamed as traveling leadership specialists.

With the ongoing pandemic still impacting our membership in the Fall 2021, consultants were able to return to in-person support in addition to supporting chapters remotely. Nearly all chapters received an in-person, virtual, or consultant touchpoint during the 2021-2022 academic year. Both models of visits provided tailored and ongoing support to chapters in order to best meet their needs as they transitioned back into hybrid and in-person structures.

One chapter president who worked with the same consultant over a span of nine months noted the impact consultant support and mentoring provided her:

“She greeted our chapter with understanding and listened to what we had to say whenever we sent a message her way. For me, her bi-weekly meetings helped me to reflect on me and my chapter and made me feel proud of what we were accomplishing. The roundtables helped the officers that were committed to solving those problems identify the issues and take time to problem-solve, which was super helpful in making action plans.”

As a part of the Chapter Advancement Program (CAP), chapters set goals and the consultants offer specific guidance and mentorship based on identified outcomes. In one example, a chapter had a goal to align their chapter programming with member interests. Using data collected through a membership benchmarking survey, the consultant coached the sisterhood chair and vice president of programming into coordinating events that aligned with member feedback provided in the survey. She offered subject-matter expertise on trending and relevant event ideas and taught the officers how to make data-informed decisions when it came to chapter programming. The following term, there was measurable growth in this area, as indicated in the membership benchmarking survey.

The Leadership Institute (TLI) was a four-day leadership development program designed for collegiate members, hosted in Indianapolis, June 2021, with thirteen participants. Using a cohort model, TLI allowed participants to build connections amongst attendees while pursuing their individual leadership journeys. Sessions were facilitated by a team of four alumnae who made up the “TLI Work Group”. The in-person program was followed by participation in monthly webinars including regular touchpoints with assigned mentors. Mentors are Sigma Kappa alumnae who have been paired individually with cohort members to provide support as they apply what they learned at TLI in their day-to-day activities as well as their ongoing development.

LC Group Picture

$20,000 eLearning grant

Online learning provides meaningful access to all members and is important to meet the learning and personal growth needs of our members. The leadership and health and safety awareness courses contain a total of 23 eLearning modules that were professionally developed alongside a field expert who served as a subject matter expert. Top themes include: Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Sexual Violence Prevention, Bystander Behavior, Integrity and Ethics, and Building Credibility. This suite of courses is LIVE and available to all members through Sigma Kappa’s online learning management system, The Learning Center. By participating in self-paced online eLearning modules, members will gain key skills that are transferable to any aspect of their lives.

$50,000 HistoryIT

For nearly 150 years, Sigma Kappa has preserved a wealth of historical materials, including our Founders' personal letters, member photographs, meeting notes, scrapbooks, jewelry, and more. Previously, these artifacts have lived at national headquarters or with individual chapters. Now, through a partnership with HistoryIT, a transformative technology archival company, Sigma Kappa is taking steps to ensure our history remains safe and accessible to all our members for years to come. Launched in June 2022, this dynamic site shares Sigma Kappa history with current and future generations.

Click her to visit Sigma Kappa's Digital Museum!

Historical photo of Sigma Kappa's first convention
Philanthropy & Service

Sigma Kappa has proudly partnered with the Alzheimer’s Association for 20 years. The Foundation’s current initiative with the Association is a $1 million grant to support the monumental study – U.S. POINTER. This two-year clinical trial evaluates whether adopting a healthy lifestyle, delays or prevents the onset of cognitive decline. We are pleased to share with you a progress update provided to us in the June 2022 Impact Report.

Many thanks to our collegiate chapters who raised $179,659 to support the U.S. POINTER initiative this fiscal year.

Learn More
Walk to End Alzheimer's Logo

During the 2021 Walk Season, Sigma Kappas raised $1,433,836 for the Alzheimer’s Association with more than 11,500 walkers on 225 registered Sigma Kappa teams.

Maine Seacoast Mission

Once again, we funded a $10,000 grant for the Mission’s Housing Rehabilitation program to provide help for Downeast residents who struggle with inadequate housing due to Maine’s tough weather. With the grant, the Mission is able to fix or rebuild up to 20 houses each year, with repairs and renovations that range from painting to insulation to new roofs and more.

In addition to the grant, we are excited to support Sigma Kappa’s expanded commitment to the Mission through the rollout of a Service Immersion trip for Summer 2023. Through an application process, select alumnae and collegians will experience the Maine Seacoast Mission through hands-on service and see the direct impact on community members in Downeast Maine. Participants will also visit Colby College as a part of the program. More information coming soon.

Donor Recognition

The Foundation recognizes the BOLD commitment all our donors make. We are grateful to each of you who contribute to the Sigma Kappa Foundation and make the important work of enhancing the member experience possible.

Love & Loyalty Circle

Love & Loyalty Circle

4,692 donors 

This circle celebrates the impact of donors who have contributed for at least five years.

Horizon Society

133 members*

This society recognizes members who have named Sigma Kappa Foundation in their estate plans.

Gifts through wills and trusts allow you to give back in a way that is meaningful to you, and can also help you prepare for your future through gift and estate tax deductions and favorable capital gains tax opportunities. For more information on a legacy gift/planned giving strategy, please contact Lisa Swiontek, Foundation Executive Director.

*This count includes future and realized gifts

Love & Loyalty Circle

Lifelong Loyal

767 donors 

This circle recognizes the power of donors who have contributed 20 or more years and/or those with lifetime giving of $10,000 or more.

Lifetime Giving Society

130 members

This society recognizes those who have given $10,000 or more to the Foundation in their lifetime.

Karyn Nishimura Sneath

“Giving our wisdom and experience through volunteering is critically important to Sigma Kappa. Equally important is demonstrating our loyalty through donations to the Sigma Kappa Foundation. The Foundation supports the Sorority’s educational programming and training initiatives. The funds also directly help sisters through scholarships and grants and our philanthropic partners with financial gifts for research and direct aid. Because of the Sorority, I have gained meaningful relationships and life affirming experiences. Donating is one small way to say, 'Thank you, Sigma Kappa!'”

-Karyn Nishimura Sneath, Delta Sigma, Western Illinois University

1874 Minutes of Giving

1874 Minutes of Giving Logo

In conjunction with Founders’ Day, the Sigma Kappa Foundation held the 3rd annual 1874 Minutes of Giving; 670 donors contributed to raise $137,452. These gifts make an immediate impact, addressing emerging needs of our members, supporting chapter programing and aiding members in crisis.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming event on November 8-9, 2022.

Be watching for more information about the Sigma Kappa Foundation and You. How together we can: Inspire leaders Help sisters in need Provide scholarships Make dreams come true!

  • • Inspire Leaders
    • Help sisters in need
    • Provide scholarships
    • Make dreams come true!
Community of Support

Emergency Grant Contributions

Kappa Pi Chapter

Kappa Pi, Bid Day 2022

"It is because of our Sigma Kappa value of friendship that we prioritize participation in the 1874 Giving Circle, specifically to support members through emergency grants. Kappa Pi strives to promote the well-being of sisters in every chapter, which is why giving back is so important to us. I am proud to be a member and a leader of a chapter that represents our value of friendship every day through support, kindness, generosity, and above all else, love."

- Maggie Harvey, Kappa Pi, Clemson University

Chapter President


The work of the Sigma Kappa Foundation would not be possible without the team of volunteers who willingly give of their time to advance the mission. To these tireless volunteers

Thank you for your commitment!

Click here to learn more about the leadership of the Sigma Kappa Foundation.

Hillary Dooley
 Foundation District Director 1
Hannah Angus
Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 1


Alexis Nicole Fleming

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 1



Sheila (Page) Stevenson

Foundation District Director 2


Hallie McCarty

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 2


Brianna Jones Reid


Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 2



Martha Costa

Foundation District Director 3


Shawna Nalley

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 3


Juliet Tomasuolo

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 3



Marie Hassel

Foundation District Director 4


Maggie Monaghan

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 4


Barbra Silva

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 4


Michelle Binkowski

Foundation District Director 5


Cora Siebert

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 5


Nicole Porter

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 5



Adriana Diachenko

Foundation District Director 6


Natalie Arington

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 6


Caroline Moen

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 6


Peyton Bell

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 6


Molly Beck


Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 6



Jessie Kenny

Foundation District Director 7


Pam Heward

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 7


Laura Lewis

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 7



Rita Lopez

Foundation District Director 7



Bernice Ramos Girasek

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 8


Brigitte Spence

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 8


Allison Evans

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 8


Helen Papadopoulos

Collegiate Philanthropy Supervisor 8