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It's our goal to initiate 150 alumnae members in time for Convention 2024! The opportunity to join Sigma Kappa does not end in college. Sigma Kappa's alumnae initiate program is a meaningful opportunity to experience personal growth, friendship and service.  

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Do you know someone who'd be a perfect addition to Sigma Kappa? Learn more about our alumnae initiate program below or contact Nicole Maynard, alumnae engagement specialist, with questions

91 members initiated so far!


Prospective alumnae initiates should complete this interest form. This information goes to a staff member at NHQ who reviews and connects the prospective alumna initiate, if they aren’t already, with the collegiate and/or alumnae chapters in their area.

Prospective alumna initiates and members recommending alumnae initiates should complete the interest form. Members should also review the Alumnae Initiate Program FAQ located in the vice president of alumnae relations supplies.

Potential alumnae initiates are all around you. They may be university faculty or staff, a colleague, a family member, a personal friend, or a distinguished leader in your community. These individuals should have a desire to participate in alumnae life and commit to being lifetime members of Sigma Kappa.

All prospective alumnae initiates should have demonstrated interest in assisting college women, be involved in service to their community, are willing to acquire knowledge of Sigma Kappa, and be willing to serve Sigma Kappa. Having a college degree is not an absolute requirement. Individuals will not be considered for alumnae initiation if they are enrolled as an undergraduate at the college where a collegiate chapter is located. No person who is or has been an initiated member of any fraternity belonging to the National Panhellenic Conference or similar national college fraternity, honorary or professional excepted, is eligible for membership in Sigma Kappa.

Alumnae initiates may be initiated into any collegiate chapter and prospective alumnae initiates should work with the chapter leadership to identify when initiation will occur.

All prospective alumnae initiates should have two Sigma Kappa initiated members sponsor and support their membership request. The collegiate chapter must approve membership for the prospective alumna initiate by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative secret written ballot vote from the Membership Selection Committee. All financial requirements must be fulfilled prior to initiation.

The financial responsibility of the alumna initiate includes the alumnae initiation fee ($54), the first year of alumnae national dues ($35), and the purchase of a sorority badge (starting at $62). If the collegiate chapter plans on assisting with any of the fees, this needs to be communicated early on with the alumna initiate to avoid confusion. All fees must be submitted to NHQ prior to initiation.

Payment can be sent via check or called in over the phone to our finance team, 317-381-5517. We want your information safe! You can request a secure online payment link; request can be sent to

All alumnae initiate paperwork, including payment of fees, should be submitted no later than three (3) weeks prior to initiation.

No! You only need two active members in good standing to sponsor someone’s membership. Letters of recommendation are not required!

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