Week of Giving

Week of Giving

Week of Givingsisterhood & service

Make an Impact

Week of Giving gives us an opportunity to celebrate our history of sisterhood and service to others by showing our compassion and understanding of one another. Sigma Kappa invites all our members to make an impact in their local communities during Week of Giving.

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How you can celebrate Week of Giving 

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November 6: Friendship

Connect with friends, other members, or even complete strangers to make someone’s day. Give someone a compliment, write a thank you note, give someone a gift, or just spend time with a friend. Small kindnesses can ripple through someone’s life and make a huge difference! 

Bonus: Register to attend SINGO to make some new friends. It's Bingo with a twist! A song will be played for a few seconds. You'll listen to the tune and lyrics and guess the song title by selecting it on your SINGO Card. It's simple and fun for all. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Destiny Brown at daex@sigmakappa.org.

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November 7: Personal Growth

Take some time for you! Here are some ideas for focusing on personal growth:

  • Create a vision board  
  • Write out goals for this month  
  • Write down five things you love about yourself 
  • Practicing breathing exercises 
  • Take a personality test to learn more about yourself 
  • Check out resources on the Sigma Kappa Learning Center 

1874 Minutes of Giving

1874 Minutes of Giving

Support the Foundation and our members by participating in 1874 Minutes of Giving! Funds support five funding priorities: philanthropic initiatives, unmet and emerging needs, leadership development, sisters in need, and education.  

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November 9: Loyalty

Reaffirm the values and your loyalty to Sigma Kappa as we celebrate Founders’ Day. Connect with another member and share why you joined. Then join us for the virtual Founders’ Day Celebration with the Sigma Kappa presidents at 8 PM Eastern. All members and their loved ones are invited!   

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November 10: Service

Join your collegiate or alumnae chapter in serving your community! Alumnae chapters, Register your projects here so we can share details with other members. Don’t have a chapter nearby or need other ideas? 

  • Support those in public service by voting in your local election or even signing up to be a poll worker in future elections.    
  • Check out the chapter map to find an alumnae chapter near you.
  • Visit volunteermatch.org to find an organization to support in your area.

Week of Giving

Celebrate with us!

Contact your district's Alumnae District Director to connect with an alumnae chapter about service opportunities

  • Download a profile frame to show off your Week of Giving Spirit
  • Use this template to post to Instagram to remind others to participate
  • Follow us on social media and share pics of how you got involved

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Ways to Give

Support the Sigma Kappa Foundation by making a gift. No matter what the amount every gift counts. There are many ways to give, learn more now!



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