One Star

The One Star Standards of Excellence award is presented to those chapters who meet all of the Sigma Kappa minimum standards and above. These standards include high performance in areas such as: membership, financial management, philanthropy, scholarship, and public relations.

Eta, Illinois Wesleyan University
Mu, University of Washington
Xi, The University of Kansas
Phi, University of Rhode Island
Alpha Sigma, Westminster College
Gamma Alpha, University of Northern Colorado
Gamma Gamma, Indiana State University
Gamma Epsilon, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Delta Theta, Truman State University
Delta Nu, Longwood University
Delta Rho, James Madison University
Epsilon Beta, University of New Orleans
Epsilon Eta, The University of Findlay
Epsilon Chi, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Zeta Alpha, Indiana University Southeast
Zeta Pi, Colorado School of Mines
Theta Omircron, Arizona State University
Theta Psi, The Pennsylvania State University