Gerontology Service Award

(given during convention years only) 

Recognizes one alumnae chapter or club and up to six honorable mentions (one from each district) that develop an outstanding community philanthropy project that reflects Sigma Kappa’s interest in Alzheimer’s disease and gerontology. The award considers volunteer hours and/or funds provided involving a significant number of the membership and generating positive public relations within the community as evidenced by submission of published articles or pictures. Contributions to the Foundation’s Alzheimer’s /Gerontology Fund will also be considered.


Houston Alumnae Chapter (District 6)

In 2014 and 2015, the members of this alumnae chapter have actively participated and volunteered at several activities to raise money as part of their philanthropic activities related to gerontology and Alzheimer’s disease. Funds were raised by selling beverages at the Shell Houston Open, they sold Macy's Shop for a Cause passes and tickets to view holiday lights, they also attended the Alzheimer’s Association’s Reason to Hope Breakfast to learn and hear more about those diagnosed with the disease and from their family and caregivers.  Alumnae volunteered to help the Alzheimer’s Association staff at Houston’s Blonde vs Brunette powder puff football game, and of course participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. During 2014-15, this chapter contributed over $8000 to the Foundation’s Alzheimer’s / Gerontology Fund.


Honorable Mention

New York Alumnae Chapter (District 1)

Williamsburg Alumnae Chapter (District 2)

Nashville Alumnae Chapter (District 3)

Greater Louisville Alumnae Chapter (District 4)

Chicago Northwest Towns Alumnae Chapter (District 5)

Orange County Alumnae Chapter (District 7)